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Jenga + 'Donkey Kong' = Stress-Inducing Awesomeness

What is it about 8-bit nostalgia that makes everything better?

We didn't think it was possible to improve upon the classic hair-puller Jenga. But then again, we never thought to paint the blocks with pink girders and work in plastic Marios and a Donkey Kong.

While you can play Donkey Kong Jenga just like the original, the real fun comes when you play the 'Donkey Kong' variation, which has you working a plastic Mario up the tower to free Pauline (the damsel in distress from the original 'Donkey Kong') from the clutches of the simian villain.

To play the game, you spin a wheel that dictates how many girders (blocks) to remove and how many vertical spaces you move Mario up. The game takes longer than you'd imagine (if you can keep the tower from collapsing). The game starts with 14 levels, but as you remove girders and add them to the top, Pauline slowly moves further from your reach.

Apparently, the pegs that stick Mario to the bricks have a tendency to bring the whole thing crashing down prematurely. So, if you're already prone to profanity and violence when playing the classic Jenga, we suggest you stick with the original. [From: Joystiq]

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