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How to Modify Your Scanner to Be a Camera

Thanks to, we located this video tutorial on how to convert your flatbed scanner into a camera on

Since even inexpensive digital cameras produce pretty good pictures these days, and since you can use a scanner to accurately scan your traditional photographs, we're thinking of this project as more of a digital party trick than anything else.

And while the folks at GeekSugar refer to the scanner-camera's pictures as "vintage-y," we think they look a lot more more like first-generation, black and white digital pictures than first-generation, black and white tin types. That, of course, begs the question: How old does something have to be in order to be classified as "vintage?" Anyway, head on after the break for a more detailed writeup on how to mod your scanner to take pictures. [From Make, via GeekSugar]

The first step of the process is to, simply enough, remove the cover of the scanner. Next, using black foamcore, cut a baseboard to cover the scanner's screen, with a 7"x7" square cut into the middle. Then, using the foamcore and tape, construct a four-sided 7"x7"x7" box to fit in the cut-out section of the baseboard, with the open ends of the box facing up and down. For the fourth step, you'll construct a second box, exactly the same as the first but slightly larger, so that it will fit snugly around the first one. How much larger than 7" each side should be will depend on the thickness of your foam core.

After that larger box is taped down, cut another square piece of foam core with the same dimensions as those of that larger box. Once you've fashioned that square, cut a hole -- 3" in diameter -- in the middle of it, and tape it down to the top of the larger box. Then, cut another square of foam core at 6"x6". Next, take a magnifying glass, remove it from its handle, and center it on that 6"x6" square. Cut a circular hole in the square to fit the magnifying glass's lens. Once you've done that, tape the glass in place. Now, that square should fit -- lens down -- snugly on top of your foamcore box. If so, tape it down.

Next, you'll fashion aperture cards by cutting holes of various sizes into the middles of different 6"x6" pieces of black card stock. These will determine how much light is allowed into the camera. Finally, tape your foam core behemoth onto the scanner, and you'll be ready to awkwardly point and shoot. Be sure to use an extension cord.
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