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New Yorker Magazine Offers Digital Edition

Last week, the editors of The New Yorker unveiled an online, digital edition of the magazine, reports.

While The New Yorker has been offering excerpts of the magazine in digital form for some time now, those articles were only made available online to coincide with the print edition's arrival in mailboxes and on newsstands. As of the most recent issue, the digital edition will arrive in e-mail inboxes just after press time.

A payment of $39.95 will get you a one-year subscription to the digital edition, which includes access to The New Yorker's online archives, dating back to 1925, the year of the magazine's founding.

That the 83-year-old publication, a bastion of traditional magazine journalism, has so fully embraced the digital age could very well be described as nothing less than momentous. We're just waiting to hear about the newest run of The New Yorker cartoons, complete with Flash animation. [From:]

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