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Wal-Mart Cutting CD Shelf Space to Make Room for Blu-ray

Remember the days of watching big box retailers like a hawk to see if more shelf space was being given to Blu-ray or HD DVD? Yeah, epic times. Now, however, a new report is suggesting that Wal-Mart may be giving more of its packaged media space to Blu-ray Discs rather than music CDs. The reason? A 23-percent decline in CD sales during the first four weeks of Q4. Richard Greenfield, analyst with Pali Capital, believes that Wally World is "increasing its exposure to consumer electronics, video games and Blu-ray, and reducing floor space devoted to CDs and standard DVDs."

Furthermore, it's reported that John Fleming, chief marketing officer with Wal-Mart, insinuated that "electronics would be getting space expansion in stores due to the decline in physical packaged media." We'll be keeping an eye out to see if we spot any shifts in our local Wal-Mart stores -- won't you do the same?

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