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How to Automatically Translate Foreign-Language YouTube Videos

So what happens when you put YouTube and Google Translate together? You get automatically translated subtitles, which even occasionally make sense.

In August, YouTube started letting users add subtitles and captions to videos. Now, the video mega site is bringing in the powers of Google Translate. Similar to the Babelfish language translation Web site, Google Translate lets users automatically convert text or entire Web pages from one language to another, a feature that is now being extended to YouTube subtitles.

Wondering how to enable this? When you find a video that has subtitles, click on the red 'up' arrow in the bottom right-hand corner to bring up a menu. Mouse over the 'CC' (Closed Captioning) item and you'll see an option for Translate. Select Translate, and you'll be prompted to choose a language to translate from and to -- in this video above, you'll want to translate from Italian to English. Try it out above.

As with translating phrases or Web pages with Google Translate, the results are a little clunky (for example, see Switched in Italian), but are useful enough to figure out what the video is supposed to be about.

Currently, there aren't boatloads of videos on YouTube with full subtitles, but if enough users start adding subtitles to their videos, the new feature will be handy for finally finding out what's going on in that foreign newscast clip or that trailer for the latest Japanese horror film. [From: YouTube Blog]

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