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Cell Phone Vibration Makes Soccer Games More Visceral

Here's a concept for you: Researchers in Sweden have managed to synchronize a cell phone's vibrations with a soccer ball on a field, and have thereby designed a way for cell phone users to experience soccer games a bit more physically.

Essentially, the phone vibrates whenever the ball is kicked, and different variations of vibrations let users know the ball's location on the field, and which team has possession of it.

The idea is that you'd use it while not watching the events on television, to keep track of the game while, say, sitting in a meeting. In focus tests, the researchers found that participants could follow the game with sufficient ease. But it's something to be considered while actually watching the game as well: the synchronized vibrations add to the experience (not unlike vibration in video game controllers), and participants demonstrated greater accuracy at following the games.

Truly, we are a bizarre species. [From: Textually}

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