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Light Bulbs That Don't Need Energy!? Sign Us Up!

Charles Bolta, founder of American Environmental Products, Inc., shows off the After-Lite, a light bulb that gives off a green glow after the light has been turned off.

There is a new technology that has us sitting up and taking notice. It is a light bulb-sized lamp that requires absolutely no power source. It is called the After-Lite, and its pretty frickin' awesome.

The key to this little dynamo's energy independence is an advanced photoluminescent-filled attachment that clips on to the top of the bulb. It absorbs and retains photons from natural and artificial light then produces a soft green light when needed. The color it emits is similar to those classic glow in the dark toys you use to have.

The After-Lite costs $19.95 and has a life expectancy of about 8,000 hours.

This technology is pretty fantastic. We are excited to see if it can be used on a larger scale. It could no doubt be a major help for humanitarian workers and military personnel stuck in places with no electricity. [From: dailycamera]

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