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'80s Rocker Bryan Adams Clamps Down on Fan Web Sites

If you were an aging rocker with a few hits from decades past occasionally percolating up through the sappy songlists of soft-rock radio stations, would you tell your already slim and likely dwindling fan base to ratchet up the tribute Web sites, maybe to spur on a few album sales? Or would you employ the long arm of the Web Sheriff, and shut'em down! (That exclamation point tells you everything you need to know.)

Bryan Adams – one of Canada's least-impressive imports (well behind Wayne Gretzky and John Candy) – has decided that now is the time to clamp down on his small, yet passionate online fan base, using Web Sheriff, an English firm that bills itself as "Europe's leading internet policing specialist," to enforce use of officially approved images of the musician and legal posting or links to his songs.

Of course, we have no dispute with legal use of MP3s and respect Adams' rights and wishes to be properly compensated for his work.

When the also aging and somewhat more influential artist Prince chose Web Sheriff to clamp down on unauthorized fan sites last year, the action was aggressive and the response was not friendly, with threats of legal action ultimately in play. But, the Bryan Adams Web sites seem to be surrendering to the Sheriff more readily, according to Web Sheriff's John Giacobbi, who says "nothing we've asked for from the fan sites is unreasonable." He also notes, "We're not anti-fan."

In the end, maybe it is just more telling of Adams' fans that they're more ready to comply with their rock idol's wishes than Prince's. Or maybe Web Sheriff itself learned a few lessons about how to get better cooperation before threatening litigation? Either way, it's time to cue up Adams' "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)," which you may recall, was the theme song to the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, starring Kevin Costner, the aging actor with a dwindling fan base. No word yet on what's happening with his unauthorized fan Web sites. [From: The Register.]

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