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15 Year Old Arrested After Allegedly Hacking into School Server

15 Year Old Arrested After Hacking into School ServerA 15-year-old student at Shenendehowa Central School in New York State has been slammed with three felony charges for hacking into a school's server. Information is slowly coming out, but it appears the student allegedly gained access to the personal records (stored in poorly configured security system) of 250 school employees in the district .

The district's server (containing vulnerable information such as Social Security numbers and home addresses) was left relatively unprotected for a period of several weeks. Any student, faculty member, or employee with a district password could gain access to the server and the files.

After gaining access to the information, the student used someone else's username and password to send an e-mail to the principle warning of the security hole. Details of the e-mail are not known, but a state trooper has claimed the student was "looking to profit from his criminal act." [From: The Register]

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