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Pics of Bono and Bikini-Clad Teens Surface on Facebook

Bono Busted with Bikini-Clad Teens on Facebook
We've heard many things about Bono, including his numerous humanitarian efforts and his love for excessively loud music -- but hadn't heard anything about an apparent penchant for partying with 19-year-olds in bikinis. That's another side of the man the world is seeing after one of those girls posted pictures of her cavorting with the rock star onto Facebook.

The pictures are of 19-year-olds Andrea Feick and Hannah Emerson having fun in Southern France, drinking and engaging in mischief both on land and on a $25-million yacht thought to be owned by U2 guitarist The Edge. The pictures show the girls sitting on Bono's lap and and strolling on the beach with the rocker -- who has been married for 26 years. Naturally, all deny that anything inappropriate happened -- in fact, the girls both say they've been friends with the rockers for years. Regardless, we're guessing these girls will probably be advised to be a little more careful about what they post to Facebook in the future, lest they end up like these poor folks. [From: PopEater & The Daily Mail]

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