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MTV Launches You-Tube-Style Music Video Site

Treading in the footsteps of Hulu and various other basic and cable TV networks, MTV has launched, a free Web site dedicated to streaming music videos, reports.

Supported by advertisements, the Web site -- at least for now -- does a fine job of using a tight layout; although there are banner ads, they're relatively inconspicuous. A test-run of Young Jeezy's "Put On" yielded a smooth viewing (and listening) experience, with an intuitive, attractive player.

While searches for contemporary hitmakers like Jeezy or Brad Paisley reveal plenty of videos, MTV still has some catching up to do in regards to older and more obscure artists if it wants to compete with sites like YouTube; MTV only offers one pre-1980 Rolling Stones video and one video by the contemporary Athens, GA indie band the Whigs, while YouTube offers well over a hundred videos for each of those two bands.

Although could certainly stand to build up its video library, the site lays down a solid foundation with a clean, easily navigable design and a solid collection of videos by today's popular artists. Truth be told, we're just shocked that the folks at MTV still know what music videos are. [From:]

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