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Cell Phone Snooping Software Lets You Snoop on Kids, Spouses

For parents and suspicious spouses who have no regard for the privacy of others, there is now TechGuard. It's a program that allows you to track the calls and read text messages sent to and from a cell phone.

After loading the program on the target cell phone (currently only compatible with Windows Mobile phones and BlackBerrys) the application can be controlled from a Web site. Snoops can then read every outgoing and incoming text message, and even block certain parties from getting through. You can also read any e-mail that comes to the phone, and view call and browsing history.

TechGuard costs about $11 a month. But, if you're really this nosy, we think that money might be better spent buying yourself some anti-anxiety drugs. [From: CBS News]

Tags: privacy, spy, surveillance