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Loud Talking Still the Most Annoying Cell Phone Habit, Study Finds

Loud Talking Most Annoying Cell Phone Habit
You'd figure that by now we would have fixed cell phone microphones. For some reason, most cell phones still require you to all but yell to make sure the party on the other end can hear you. Not surprisingly, people find loud talking on a cell phone incredibly annoying. In fact, according to a survey from easyMobile, people found loud talking the most annoying of all the obnoxious mobile phone habits.

More than half of respondents identified loud talking as more annoying than fancy ringtones or even answering calls at the dinner table. Here's some more highlights from the study:
  • Two thirds ignored calls after seeing who was calling
  • 80-percent of those admitted to lying about it to the caller
  • More than 75-percent regularly answered calls while having dinner with friends
  • 60-percent of those same people thought answering the phone during dinner displayed bad manners
Maybe this will cause mobile phone makers to finally tackle the microphone problem. We're tired of being jerks yelling about our disastrous dates and lazy coworkers into our phones. [From: Cellular News, Via:]

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