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Latest Facebook Fake-Video Virus Takes Over Your Profile

Facebook's Fake Video Viruses Getting More ProblematicWe've talked about viruses hitting Facebook before, but it seems they're getting a little more serious now. A new one is making the rounds, W32.Koobface.A, which not only installs itself into the background on your PC, but takes over your profile on the site and sends itself to all your friends!

The virus uses the same trick we've seen before, the fake-YouTube page that says you're missing a plugin. It prompts you to download something and, if you do, you're infected. The virus will then e-mail your friends and also update your profile to include links back to the virus, hoping they'll do the same.

For its part, Facebook says it is working to remove the links, but even if it manages to quash this virus, surely another one will pop up shortly. As always, watch where you click. [From:]

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