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VIZIO Adds Caramel Coloring to Budget HDTVs

VIZIO Upgrades Budget HDTVs with Fashionable Brown Color
VIZIO makes some top notch budget HDTVs, but it's never been particularly known for sultry good looks. The company is trying to combat its utilitarian image with its new line of Java FHD (full HD) TVs.

The new displays ditch VIZIO's traditional black and silver motif for a coppery brown and black scheme that adds a little class to these otherwise mundane displays. Outside of color, the new Java line of LCDs are exactly the same as VIZIO's VO line of TVs, featuring full HD (1080p), 3 HDMI inputs, 1,300:1 contrast ratio, and SRS TruSurround sound processing.

We're not sure what the gadget world's recent obsession with brown is (see: Zune, G1, Sidekick), but we're not complaining. We find the softer tone of brown a pleasant alternative to corporate black, gadget silver, and appliance white. [From: Popgadget]

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