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Google VP and "Father of the Internet" Backs Obama

Google Vice President and so called "father of the Internet," Vint Cerf, has thrown his two cents in on this year's election. Cerf has come out forcefully in favor of Obama, based primarily on his support for 'Net neutrality, which John McCain does not support.

Net neutrality is a complex issue that we can't possibly cover in a single brief blog post, but we're willing to risk some slight over-simplification. Net neutrality calls for the Internet to be free of restrictions and regulation on the types of content, communication, and devices that can use its bandwidth.

Cerf is worried that a McCain presidency won't vigorously defend neutrality and that ISPs could implement discriminatory practices that could limit the ability of consumers and companies like Google and Amazon to freely make use of the Internet. Cerf announced his unsolicited endorsement via a YouTube video, which we've included above.

While we at Switched won't officially endorse one candidate or the other, we can say (as a publication that relies on our ability to use the Internet to reach our readership and collect ad revenue) we wholly endorse the principles of net neutrality.
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[From: YouTube and CNET]

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