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Itchy Rash That Won't Go Away? Blame Your Phone

If you thought you had enough to worry about with your cell phone possibly causing cancer, think again. Doctors are now finding that a metal embedded in the surface of many mobile phones can cause a rash to appear on peoples' cheeks, ears, and even finger. It's a condition currently being called "mobile phone dermatitis."

The rashes are caused by over-exposure to the nickel used on many cell phone cases and buttons, and pressing it against the face for extended periods of time can cause some to break out as a result of an allergic reaction. It can also appear on the fingers of particularly heavy text-messagers who can't keep from fondling their mobiles at all hours.

This is different than the other skin infections we reported on last year, caused by dirty handsets, but either one can be prevented by using a hands-free kit of some sort -- though you'll probably want to clean that from time to time, too. [From: Reuters]

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