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Employees Can Now Clock In With Their Cell Phones


The time clock has always been a gleaming symbol of industry and labor, not to mention a hated personification of 'The Man.' It is the ultimate and definitive report card on productivity, and it's receiving a makeover.

HourDoc has created a system that allows employees to punch in and out of work(and every time they have to urinate, we assume) via text messaging. The premise is simple. There are four basic messages the employee can send:
  1. In (clocking in)
  2. Out (clocking out)
  3. Bin (break/clock in)
  4. Bout (break/ clock out)
The methods for tracking employees have evolved as companies attempt to reign in spending and increase productivity. 'The Man' never sleeps, and pretty soon, the opportunity for the working man to exercise his right to take unnecessary coffee breaks and congregate at the watercooler will be gone forever.

It's a cryin' shame. [From: textually]

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