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Flip Video Lets Users Create Custom Minos

Flip video, best known for its popular ultra-low budget mini camcorders, announced today an addition to its Flip Mino line, or rather, a way for customers to customize their camcorders.

Instead of choosing from simple black or white, users will now be able to create their own designs for the Flip Mino's front cover or choose from a range of other designs available on and If you're feeling artistic, you can upload your own design or photos, or use the pattern generator on the site to randomly create a design.

As for the guts of the camcorder, they seem to be the same as the original Mino launched earlier this year. Compared to the Flip Ultra, the Mino is a bit smaller (4- x 2- x 0.6-inches), and it comes with touch sensitive buttons, a rechargeable battery, and a 1.5-inch screen for video recording (about 60 minutes) and playback. As usual, shooting, recording, and uploading to the Web is easy. You get one-press recording, simple setup, and the old standby -- the flip-out USB arm that plugs directly into your computer.

It's good to see Flip video letting consumers customize their camcorders, but we're wondering when they'll bring out a high definition budget camcorder. For a full hands-on with the original Flip Mino, check out our in-depth review.

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