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Oxford and Cambridge Universities to Offer iPod Lectures

In what is sure to be seen as yet another argument for college students not to attend class (or college, for that matter), England's venerable Oxford and Cambridge universities launched a service earlier this week that allows lectures, videos and podcasts to be downloaded from the iTunes store. The goal is to make the elite institutions more accessible to people across the world (particularly those who have iPods/iPhones).

Cambridge will make available more than 300 lectures, short films and interviews with academics (some of which are Nobel Prize winners, it should be noted). Oxford, on the other hand, will offer more than 150 hours of audio and video podcasts, including interviews with experts in genomics and the economics of climate change.

Students hoping to apply to the universities can also find helpful videos to help them through the process. Sadly, none of these appear to be a guide on how to change the grades on your high school report cards. [From: DailyMail]

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