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Tetris-like Game Pulled From iPhone App Store

Another day, another independent developer gets shafted on the iTunes App Store. Today's casualty? Developer Phunkware and its Tetris-inspired game, Shaker.

According to TUAW, the Tetris Company and Tetris Holdings LLC found the game to be too inspired by its titular cash cow, despite the somewhat intoxicating visual themes, inclusion of martini recipes, and unique "shaker" feature that rotated the blocks based on the iPhone's accelerometer orientation. We'll admit, the core gameplay is similar to Tetris, but honestly, the same could be said for any number of games and the classics they draw from.

In the current wave of App Store rejections and removals, it's sad to see another application go the way of the Dodo -– particularly one that has genuinely unique features to offer. And with so many apps being virtual clones of each other -– games or not -– the only real question left to ask is, "Who's next on the chopping block?" [From TUAW]

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