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Security Cam Catches Thief, Thanks to Name and Birthdate Tattoo

Thief Caught on Camera, Has Name and Birthday Tatooed on Neck

What kind of criminal gets his name and birth-date tattooed on his neck? The simple answer -- not a very bright one. Aaron Evans, a 21-year-old repeat offender with an extremely troubled background, was caught on film breaking into a vehicle setup by U.K. police in a parking lot to catch opportunistic thieves.

Evans smashed open the driver's side window of the car and stole a planted GPS device. Unfortunately, he didn't notice the closed circuit security camera (CCTV) on the passenger side of the car. The camera got a perfectly clear shot of the young man's identifying neck tattoo.

Since Evans isn't capable of reading and writing, we're wondering if he even knows what the markings on neck say. [From: Telegraph]

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