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Tips for Securing Your Web-Mail Accounts

Tips to Secure Your Web-MailWeb-mail sites like Gmail and Hotmail are incredibly convenient, but when doing things online, security should be a major concern and not all Web-mail systems are as secure as you might think. Your personal data may especially be at risk when accessing your e-mail from a public Wi-Fi hotspot if you don't take the proper precautions.

Thankfully, Wired has started a wiki to collect tips for how to secure your Web-mail accounts. Most of them are pretty simple tricks that only take a moment to set up -- turns out most of them just aren't always that obvious. For example, you can force Gmail to always use an HTTPS (a secure connection that scrambles sent and received data) connection by checking a box in your Gmail settings. Similarly, Hotmail has an enhanced security mode, and you'll find the link on the log-in page, just under the password box.

Check out the page for some more tips, and add your own if you have any. [From: Wired]

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