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Allstate Wants to Improve Driving with Video Games

Allstate Wants to Improve Driving with Video Games
Apparently the trendy magic cure during these '00s is video games. They've been used to rehabilitate stroke victims and wounded soldiers, make us smarter, stave off the effects of aging, help immigrants become naturalized citizens, and even lose weight. Now Allstate is looking to add "become a better driver" to the list of things video games help you do.

The insurance giant is running a pilot program for drivers over 50 in Pennsylvania that uses a video game developed by Posit Science to increase visual acuity, cognitive skills, and reaction time. Allstate plans on distributing the game to 100,000 customers and comparing the accident rates to a control group of the same age that don't use the game.

Though drivers between 50 and 60 years old have the lowest accident rates, the rate starts to climb after 60. Allstate hopes this will help eliminate or reduced the impact of age-related decline. Lets just hope it also helps our senior motorists find the gas pedal. [From: USA Today]

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