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'Thinking Cap' Could Make Everyone a Genius

In Sydney, Australia, Scientists are currently developing a "thinking cap" that stimulates the brain with electro-magnets in order to spark bursts of creativity. The cap (which is worn much like a hairnet) holds a figure-eight shaped magnet that targets its pulses at the left side of the brain, which is more logical and analytical.

In studies, these pulses have shown to generate brief bursts (around an hour) of increased artistic and perceptual abilities. Some of the subjects were able to draw more natural looking images of animals and faces from memory after wearing the cap for fifteen minutes. Other volunteers were able to spot errors in written transcripts that they had previously passed over and were better able to estimate the number of dots displayed on a screen.

Researchers think the magnetic pulses temporarily unlock hidden potential in the human brain that savants such as Dustin Hoffman's character in 'Rain Man' are able to take advantage of. The hope is that it will unleash a persons creativity whenever needed, ending struggles like writers block. However, it's important to remember when everyone is exceptional, no one is. [From: Daily Mail]

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