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'Wii Fit' Girl Makes Her Boyfriend Do Pants-Less Dance on 'Tyra Banks'

Remember the briefly Internet famous Wii Fit Girl? We almost forgot about her, too.

Lauren Bernat (the aforementioned Wii Fit Girl) went on the 'Tyra Banks Show' last week to drag out her 15 minutes of fame just a little bit longer. On national television, the saucy dame took her revenge on her boyfriend, Giovanny Gutierrez, who was the guy that originally posted the video of Bernat playing 'Wii Fit' in her underwear on YouTube. Bernat forced Gutierrez to do a little pants-less dancing -- 'Wii-Fit'-hula-hoop-style -- for Tyra's audience to much hooting and hollering (video above).

We hope Lauren enjoyed her revenge, but we agree with Asylum that the video of Gutierrez will probably come nowhere near the 6.5 million views that Bernat's pantie-clad-butt-shaking has garnered since being posted in May. [From: Asylum]

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