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12-Year-Old Invents Breakthrough Solar Panel

12 Year Old Invents Break Through Solar Panel
Imagine what would happen if you took a kid ten times smarter than Doogie Howser, made him a scientist instead of a doctor, and then made him more concerned with helping the world than getting dates.

The t12-year-old Oregonian has invented a solar cell that is being described as a 3-D cell (though we're still not exactly sure what that means). The new cells absorb visible light and ultraviolet rays, which greatly increases the amount of the Sun's radiation captured. Even on cloudy days, the solar panel could produce plenty of power since UV rays are still able to penetrate cloud cover.

The next phase for Yuan is to find a manufacturer and market his invention, which could make solar energy a much more viable source for electricity. Yuan is currently gearing up for a trip to Washington D.C., where he'll accept the Davidson Fellow award (a $25,000 scholarship for students under the age of 18). All of the other recipients this year are at least four years older than Yuan. [From: Komo News]

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