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Top 11 Free Brain Games

Not all video games are bad for you. In fact, most video games actually engage different parts of your brain to help develop logic, decision-making, mental speed, and even creativity. Now, a new trend in gaming called "brain games" aims at actually training your noodle to help you improve your mental facilities. Problem is, many of these games require some sort of site subscirption fee or even a Nintendo DS to play "Brain Age".

Fear not, dear Switched reader. We scoured the net to find 11 of the best brain games -- and even better, they're all free.

1. WordCrunch

WordCrunch Brain Game

WordCrunch is your basic word-search game, but it changes themes on a daily basis. This one is easy to learn but tough to master. This is the ultimate test of your vocabulary, mental speed, and visual acuity.

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