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New Technology Could Detect Terrorists By Screening For Anxiety


How do you feel when you walk through an airport these days? Angry, confused, and poorer than when you arrived? Us too!

We usually wouldn't mention such a touchy issue, but there is a new technology in development that could possibly affect millions of ornery travelers in a profound way. The Department of Homeland Security recently showcased an early version of what is basically an anxiety-detection machine designed to detect unusually high biological fluctuations in humans at airport checkpoints (changes in breathing patterns, increased heart rate, etc.)

They're looking for anxiety at airport checkpoints...Really? That's like going to Princeton University during final exams and screening a fourth generation legacy.


We don't really have much to say about this. They say the technology is in its infancy and years away from the marketplace. We hope so, because if they screened us for anxiety after we had just waited in line for an hour to pay 100 dollars for checking an extra piece of gum, we would probably have the same vital signs as a suicide bomber. [From: USA Today]

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