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35% of Business Travelers Would Choose BlackBerry Over Spouse

35% Would Choose Blackberry Over SpouseWe're a little frightened to find out how many of you out there would choose your BlackBerry over your spouse. A new survey from StudyLogic finds that over 35-percent of business travelers would choose the ol' CrackBerry over their significant other.

Additionally, 87-percent of those surveyed said they brought their smart phones and BlackBerrys into the bedroom with them. It appears business travelers are obsessive about their e-mail: An astounding 84-percent said they checked their BlackBerries before going to sleep, and 80-percent checked their handhelds first thing in the morning. Even creepier: 62-percent said they 'loved' their smart phones. Not a word we'd use very often to describe our relationship with our gadgets.

We already know that some of you are having less sex in order to spend time online, but we're wondering how much time you could possibly you could possibly spend actively on a BlackBerry.

So what do you say, would you choose your BlackBerry over your wife? [From: TG Daily]

Would you choose your Blackberry over your spouse?
Yes. I am sadly that addicted.61 (18.5%)
No. That's just crazy.269 (81.5%)

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