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New Hybrid Car to Use Air as Fuel

Now that biofuels are pretty much out of the running to save our planet, the not-so-subtly-named, New York-based company called Zero Pollution Motors plans to produce a new kind of hybrid car: one that runs on compressed air and gets up to 106 miles per gallon. The car's engine would apparently work like a locomotive -- rather than steam, however, compressed air would move the pistons to propel the car along. When the car hits 35 mph, a fuel-powered external combustion system kicks in and heats the air, further increasing its volume and giving the vehicle more power.

The company is pledging to build the first models in 2010, which will be sold for around $18,000. Air would be free, and pumped into the tanks using an on-board compressor.

In other news, we're going to build a spaceship that runs on rainbows. Stay tuned! [From: Asylum]

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