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Vending Machine Sells Hot, Deep Dish Pizza

With a celly in your pocket and laptop in your pack, it's easy to spend an entire work-day day on the road without sitting an office (or indeed any other place) for more than a few minutes at a time. Things get a little tricky when the tummy starts a rumbling, though. Sure, you could throw a handful of protein bars into your bag and munch on those on the road, but even a modern road warrior needs a hot meal from time to time. What to do when fast-food isn't fast enough? How about a TombStone Deep Dish pizza, straight out of a vending machine?

It's not the most expensive vending machine we've ever seen, but it's certainly one of the most intriguing. Just insert a few bucks, pick your toppings via the buttons on the right, and in just a few minutes out pops your perfectly fresh (formerly frozen) pizza covered in hot (processed) cheese, certain to burn the roof of your mouth. Add a can of Red Bull (conveniently dispensed right next door) and you're ready to get moving again on to your next appointment -- or back to your basement to continue the marathon 'World of Warcraft' raid. [From: boingboing gadgets]

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