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Send a Text-Message to Your Thermostat... to Change the Temperature

Thermostats Finally Getting Hip to TXTing Craze
Everyone is texting these days: 95.6 billion messages were sent in the first half of this year alone. It's time for home appliances to stop being so quiet and start racking up their mobile bills too, as is the case with a new model of thermostat that is capable of getting into hot and steamy two-way HVAC-related text-message conversations.

The new feature is set to begin testing by Allegheny Power in Maryland sometime next year. The technology is an extension of the already smart-sounding temperature sensors currently in homes that are able to be controlled over the Internet. Texting would let homeowners use their cell phones to turn up the heat (or AC) as they head home from work, or turn things down on the way to the office.

Mind you, regardless of how much money you might save on your heating bill, you should never text your thermostat while driving -- never, ever, ever. [From: MyFox Washington, D.C.]

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