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Live From Apple: New iPod Nanos, iTunes Upgrade, and More

Well, it's that time of year time again. What time is that, you ask? Why, for Apple's annual iPod updates, of course! Seven years later and the rumor mongers still have not grown tired of speculating and spreading the wildest rumors about what the new iPod model will bring (hint: it won't make you coffee or fold your laundry).

Even if you believe every rumor and leak floating around the Internet about todays's Apple event, this one looks like it's going to be a bit of a snoozer. Many expect the iPod Nano to be updated and returned to its original slimmer and taller form factor after Apple's very experiment with a stubby media player. Also up for an update is the iPod Touch, which may get a slight cosmetic makeover to match the new iPhone.

Also expected to be unveiled is iTunes 8, which will bring a number of new features to the table, including a Pandora-like ability called Genius that will be able to build playlists for you based on what songs sound good together. iTunes 8 is also expected offer HD downloads for TV shows and movies (and not just on your Apple TV), and a new grid view for browsing your library. Rumors of an iTunes subscription service are also circulating again, but those rumors have been flying since 2005, and we don't lend them any more credence now than we did then.

Though no one is talking about it, Apple hasn't gone a year without some update for the iPod Classic line. Since we're not sure what else Apple could possibly add to this line of media players outside of additional storage space, we're just gonna start a rumor now that Apple is going to start offering them in pastels.

See, isn't this fun? Anyone can start their own Apple rumor. [From: TUAW and Ars Technica]

The announcements start at 1pm, EST, which is right now. For up to the minute updates right from the event, be sure to check out Engadget's live blog, as well as TUAW's meta-live-blog of everyone else's coverage.

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