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Dog Swallows Owner's Cell Phone -- Whole

Dumb Dog Swallows Cell Phone
People love to talk about how smart their dogs are. They'll tell you about how Fido can identify their car just from the sound of the engine, that he knows when he has done something wrong and that he'll punish himself, or that he can do so many amazing tricks. The sad truth of the matter, however, is that dogs are stupid. Adorable? Sure. Friendly? Sometimes. But smart? Not so much.

Take the case of Nero, a Doberman-Great Dane mix, from Valhalla, South Africa, who got himself into a little hot water when he swallowed his owner's cell phone. Driekie Boojens, daughter of the dog's owner Marie Matthews, was feeding Nero when he snatched the woman's Nokia handset right out of her daughter's hands and swallowed it whole.

Nero was rushed to the local animal hospital and had surgery the next day to remove the phone. While they were in there, vets also found a small collection of rocks in the dog's stomach. More evidence of the intelligence of our canine friends.

Nero is fine now. The twelve-year-old mutt has a large scar on his abdomen, but is otherwise healthy. The Nokia on the other hand, had to be put down. Nero's stomach acid simply proved to be too much for it to handle. [From: Telegraph]

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