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Top Camcorders Under $200

'Budget' camcorders used to mean "at least $400," but the past year has seen the introduction of a new generation of compact, easy-to-use models that are small enough to fit in your pocket and, best of all, cost less than $200. Plus, these little things are durable, since they use Flash memory, which has no moving parts to break, making them perfect for carrying around. Lastly, the new budget camcorders have built-in, fold-out USB connectors and on-board software that make editing or sharing your movies on sites such as YouTube and AOL Video a cinch (no more bulky software installations or arsenal of cables to haul around).

We took the six most popular sub-$200 Flash camcorders for a test drive, shooting footage everywhere from our office desks and neighborhood parties to the far-flung lands where we took our summer vacations. We then edited our footage on a daily basis back on our laptops. Some of these cameras are winners, and some are losers -- read on to find out which of these is actually worth more than a couple of Benjamins.....

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