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Sports Car 'Vroom' Sound Scientifically Proven to Arouse Women

Sound of Exotic Engines Scientifically Proven to Arouse Women
If you thought men who drive exotic sports cars were just compensating for whatever nature didn't grace them with -- well, you might be right. Laugh all you like, but it turns out those cars might actually make them more successful with the ladies, as a new scientific study has shown that the mere sound of a high-end engine emanating from a vehicle like the Ferrari 430 above causes women to become aroused.

When women in a study heard the sound of exotic machinery from Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini, they showed "significant peaks" in testosterone production -- a sign of arousal. However, when they heard the rather more lumpy tones of a VW Polo economy car, their arousal level actually decreased. So, women, say all you like about how much you appreciate a man who drives an efficient car to save the environment, we now know what you really want. [From: The Telegraph, via Asylum]

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