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Hackers Increasingly Turning Computers Into 'Zombies'

Zombie PCs Are Spreading
A plague of computers turned into zombies sounds like a plot for a techno-horror-thriller summer blockbuster film -- though it probably wouldn't be a very good one. This is no film, though, as it's happening for real: According to the Shadowserver Foundation, which tracks malicious software, computers worldwide are increasingly becoming infected with spyware and other covertly malicious software, enabling hackers to control these 'zombie' computers from afar.

About a half-million computers worldwide are estimated to be infected, and disconcertingly that number is accelerating, not slowing, as those who run these underground zombie networks seem to be consolidating their forces for greater harm. Computers are typically infected through browser exploits, such as the one recently uncovered in Google's Chrome. But the number one way many computers are infiltrated remains human gullibility -- hackers still do their best work when they trick people to download software they think is one thing but is actually something bogus.

Your best defense is to simply be careful where you surf and what you download -- and, of course, to install a virus scanner. [Source: BBC News]

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