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Is Roseanne Barr the Craziest Celebrity Blogger on the Internet?

Okay, so this isn't really breaking news, but did you know that Roseanne Barr has one of the Web's nuttiest blogs? It's true (we even wrote about it a few months ago).

Dan O'Brien at decided to read Roseanne's blog, every day, for two weeks, to try and find out if she is the craziest blogger the Internet has to offer. After reading Dan's entry (in which he also postulates that Roseanne is actually a very well trained pig), we're not sure if she is the craziest, but she is certainly up there.

Roseanne attacks a reader who defended Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, "you are responsible for every bad thing that happens on this earth," spouts misinformation, "Denver has built concentration camps to hold protesters during the [Democratic National] convention," and just plain nonsense, "all is in the all and the all is in all."

We don't actually recommend reading Roseanne's blog unless you have a high tolerance for pain, but we do suggest you check out Cracked for some more crazy highlights from this washed-up sitcom star. [From: Cracked]

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