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Man Builds Drivable 'Star Wars' Landspeeder Replica

In what must be the best car mod we've seen since the DeLorian (in the background), vehicle modder Daniel Deutsch has outdone himself and built his own green-friendly Star Wars Landspeeder. The custom fiberglass ride is pimped out with an aluminum chassis, zips around at (not-quite-Landspeeder) speeds of up to 25 MPH, and can travel several miles on a single charge. Oh, and for those of you with a critical eye, the vehicle is even the same exact size as the Tatooine original.

Click through to see the creator driving around town with his family (don't miss the video), as well as Deutsch's last Star Wars mod, the fully-fledged R2D2 mod. And you thought your dad was cool? [From: boingboing]

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