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Denver's Craigslist Flooded With Sex-Ads During Democratic Convention

Thanks to the magic of Craigslist, Democrats in Denver this week no longer had to hit up their hotel bars if they were looking for a little convention action. The number of ads in the Casual Encounters section – like we need to explain what that is – rose 70 to 80-percent (when compared to earlier weeks in August).

As thousands of people flocked to Colorado's capital last weekend, over 700 encounter ads were posted on the site. The postings generally displayed the expected subtlety with titles such as "Here 4 DNC? Come get sexual with me" and "Looking to service a young Democrat."

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing if these posts were from hookers and how many of our nation's leaders partook in their services. Either way, it seems there was a lot more to do at the DNC than watch speeches. Next stop, Minneapolis. [From: CNET]

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