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iPhone Security Hole Leaves Your Personal Info Vulnerable

iPhone Has a Huge Security Hole
Well, a gaping security hole has been found in the iPhone that makes us wonder how much quality control this thing really went through. It looks like a would be data thief could get access to much of your personal information and many of the applications on your iPhone -- even if your device is locked with a passcode.

The trick is simple: The data thief slides to unlock the phone, and, when prompted for a passcode, hits the emergency call button. A quick double tap of the home button will bring up your 'Favorites' for anyone who knows this trick, which means potential thieves would then be able to access contact information for anyone in your favorites list. Worse still, all of that contact information is associated with applications that can be now be launched directly from the favorites window without a passcode. Double click on a contact's e-mail address and pull up the Mail application. Web site associated with the contact? Safari will launch. Click 'Send Text Message' to pull up the text message inbox.

Clearly, clicking 'emergency call' should not unlock any applications except the dialer. , Luckily, there is a simple fix for the hole -- change the behavior of the home button. If you go into your Settings menu and change a double click on the home button to bring up the home screen or iPod functions instead of your favorites list, you should be safe... for now. [From: TUAW]

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