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Computer Virus Found on Space Station

Computer Virus Invades the International Space Station

When humans go into space, they're protected from the cold extremes by armored walls, thick glass and airlocks. They're also prevented from coming into contact with any potential space bugs thanks to their completely sealed suits. Their computers, apparently, are completely exposed to the elements, being shot up into space with nary a virus scanner aboard. No surprise, then, that computers on the International Space Station have been infected with a common computer virus.

The virus is Gammima.AG and is the type that runs in the background and steals usernames and passwords, with the hopes of hijacking people's accounts to a variety of popular Asian online games. Fortunately, this is hardly a major threat to our orbital security, but it suggests that our space security may need to be tighter. NASA is pledging to install scanners on any laptops destined for orbit, and we're hoping it also has them back on Earth, too. [From: BBC News]

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