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The #1 iPhone App Is... A Fish Pond Simulator?

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best (or, the most lucrative). Just ask Blimp Pilot, the developers behind 'Koi Pond,' consistently one of the most popular paid for applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

'Koi Pond' is a 99-cent pond simulator for your iPhone. Yes, a pond simulator. Touch the screen and ripples form on the "water," which scare the digital koi fish, who quickly dart away from your finger only to return seconds later. It might sound boring, but those who spend any time with it seem enamored. Blogs have praised the life-like motion and impressive graphics, saying that 'Koi Pond' the perfect app for showing off how cool your iPhone is and how lame your friend's RAZR is.

'Koi Pond' sits pretty comfortably atop the heap in first place, only occasionally dipping to second when a popular free app starts charging. We're sure that others will try to cash in soon with iRocks (imagine: 'Rock Garden for your iPhone'), iZoos and iAquariums. [From: Mac Rumors]

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