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'Dancing Baby' Lawsuit Turns Tables on Music Industry

It's a sad state of affairs for the music industry these days. It's making far more news for its idiotic statements and unnecessarily huge lawsuits than for discovering and nurturing fresh new talent. This time, though, it's the industry that's on the receiving end of a lawsuit, being taken to court by a mother whose video was removed from YouTube by Universal Music Corp because of the song playing in the background.

Stephanie Lenz of Gallitzin, Pa. posted a 30-second clip of her baby dancing to 'Let's Go Crazy' by Prince, which can be heard playing in the background of the video -- turn your speakers up and listen closely if you want to identify the track yourself. Universal claimed the video violates copyright and YouTube removed the vid, but Lenz (and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)) are fighting back, claiming the background music is fair use. The lawsuit is now pending and, as you can see above, the video is back on YouTube, for the moment. We'll be following this one closely. [From: NewsVine]

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