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Nurse Risks Job, Posts Photos of Brain Surgery on Facebook

Nurse Risks Job, Posts Photos of Brain Surgery on FacebookWhen will people learn? Stop posting stupid stuff on your Facebook page. The constant barrage of idiots losing girlfriends and jobs because they haven't learned the fine art of self-censorship on social networking sites is unnerving. Let us spell it out for you one more time -- employers will look at your MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/etc. page.

We thought maybe after the tale of Kevin Colvin, who was caught in a lie about a hedonistic Halloween party, people might be a little more cautious, but no. Then, we figured the story of Ashley-Paul Robinson publicly embarrassing his team would make Facebookers pause, or at least the extended jail time handed to Lara Buys would have inspired some careful consideration before posting photographs.

Alas, no. It seems many of us just haven't learned the lesson. So, lets add yet another tale of easily avoidable Facebook follies to the list. An as yet to be identified nurse in Stockholm, Sweden, lost her job after posting pictures of herself taken while assisting brain surgery. The photos included images of her holding and posing with unidentified pieces of the patient's body.

The photos violate both the hospitals policy against cameras in the operating room (unless specifically sanctioned for education purposes) and ethical codes meant to protect patient privacy. The nurse has been suspended and hospital officials are currently weighing whether to terminate her and/or report her to police.

Hopefully, this will be the last lesson you'll need to learn before finally taking a little more care with what you post online. Class dismissed. [From: Telegraph]

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