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Angry Father Nails Xbox To Tree

What do you do when your kids get out of hand while playing with their Xbox? Your options are:
  1. A time out.
  2. No dessert.
  3. Nail that Xbox to a tree, dammit!
Yes, option number three was in order for a Mechanicsville, Va., father, who apparently had enough of his kids' shenanigans/back talk/zombie-like addiction to Halo. Out into the backyard and up onto the tree the Xbox went.

Lest you think this punishment too harsh, the kids' mother -- who by the way posted this story on CNN's ireport Web site -- says the action was appropriate and that the kids don't hate their dad.

The shattered unit is available now on Ebay, with half the proceeds from the sale going toward the Hanover County School system and the other half to the kids' college fund. In return, you get a pile of junk, since we're pretty sure nailing a gaming system to a tree trunk invalidates the warranty. [From:]

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