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Obama to Announce VP Via Text Message

Obama to Announce VP Via Text Message, McCain Has Aides Google SMS
It's no secret that Barack Obama has a severe technological edge over his competitor for the White House. While John McCain has been famously quoted as saying he doesn't e-mail and even more frighteningly that he is "becoming computer literate," Obama has leveraged the power of social networking and text messaging to turn himself from political newbie to front runner for the presidency.

The laughable McCainSpace can't compete with the power and size of MyBarackObama, and Senator McCain doesn't even have a text messaging initiative. McCainSpace lacks the user base, flexibility and tools of MyBarackObama, which was one of the driving forces behind Obama's early campaign. Obama also broke out his text messaging campaign early on by sharing news, reminding supporters to vote, and even allowing users to send requests for bumper stickers and ask questions of the campaign via the dedicated phone number.

Obama has put so much faith in his tech savvy supporters that he will announce his choice for vice president, not in a televised address, paper press release, or even e-mail, but by text message first. Those who sign up to receive text messages from the senator's campaign will be the first to know (outside the campaign itself obviously) who will be sharing the ticket with the young politician from Illinois in November.

Anyone who texts 'VP' to the campaign (62262) will automatically be notified when the time for the announcement comes. Conversely, John McCain will be making his announcement for vice president via town crier. [From: NY Times]

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