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Bono to Blame for Illegal Leak of Four Tracks From New U2 Album

Bono Fingered for Pre-Release Leak of Own AlbumThe recording industry absolutely loves to take people who share a few songs illegally with others and nail them to the wall. People like Jammie Thomas, who was fined $220,000 for sharing a whole 24 songs online. By that account, we reckon U2's famous front-man Bono may be getting a bill in the mail as it's just been revealed that he is the source for some sharing of a very different sort.

Four tracks from U2's upcoming album 'Sexy Boots' have appeared on Internet file sharing networks for download. According to reports, they were recorded directly from outside of Bono's French villa. Bono was apparently playing the tracks so loudly from his home stereo that a fan passing by was able to capture those four tracks just standing there.

Now, posting those tracks online is most certainly illegal, but if Bono were a little more sensitive to the ears of his neighbors, this wouldn't be a problem, would it?. [Source: TorrentFreak]

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