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Is It Okay for Teachers to Communicate With Students Via Facebook?

Teachers Walk a Fine Line, Online
Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are breaking down barriers between teachers and students, and, predictably, not everyone is happy about it. While many teachers are thrilled with the connections they're able to form with students outside of the classroom on the site, they also admit there is a fine line they must walk.

A flurry of student-teacher sexual relationships has set off alarms with those who worry that Facebook and MySpace are just new places place for teachers to communicate with their students without supervision. CNN reports that legislators, teachers and parents nationwide are concerned, and a group in Missouri, specifically, is considering a bill that would make it illegal for teachers to befriend students on social networking sites.

Others, however, see the services as helpful for creating connections with struggling students who might be afraid to speak up in class or in person. Teachers are afraid to lose any weapon in their arsenal that helps them reach out to kids.

Sadly, we don't see a simple answer. The pros seem to outweigh the cons, but just barely. It is important here, as always, that parents play a role in monitoring their children's relationships with their teachers, even online. [Source: CNN]

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